At Baxter Construction, we take pride in our commitment to quality and the dedication of every member of our team to get the job done right. High-end renovations in condo towers come with a unique set of challenges from designated work hours to noise ordinances and constant clean up. We at the Baxter Construction team are adept at this specific set of challenges.

We value trust and satisfaction above all else and want our clients to rest assured that they made the right choice in choosing Baxter Construction.


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    At the first ‘get to know you’ meeting, we’ll walk the site, discuss your construction and design requests, and toss around ideas for your future home. How do you want the rooms to feel? What spatial requirements do you have? This is the time to break out your wish list and show us any inspiration images or research you’ve done.

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    Developing a realistic estimate tailored to your project requires professional input and time. We will provide you with a pre-construction estimate if you choose to move forward with us after interviewing your candidates.

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    This stage requires careful assessment of the areas of work. What are the functional needs of the space? Are there any areas of concern or special considerations? Thoroughly exploring questions like these lays important framework for the entire project moving forward.

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    Early in the design process, your design team will set the space plan and determine general finish types to aid in developing the project estimate. Are we moving walls or plumbing lines? Will the floors be carpet, hardwood, tile, or something else? Options may be communicated through sketches, drafted drawings, or preliminary 3D models.

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    Construction projects may require one or more subcontractors to visit the site in order to observe conditions and make suggestions. One of our team members will supervise, direct the teams, and field questions. Once everyone has the information they need, we can establish a preliminary budget for your project based on the decisions made so far. Some revisions and value engineering may occur at this stage as we begin to identify priorities.

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    Your project manager is in charge of keeping things on task, so they will set a timeline for design decisions, permits, construction, and installation based on the discussed completion date.

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    Hand-in-hand with project scheduling, your project manager will determine the team of foreman, carpenters, laborers, field staff, and subcontractors that will be working on your home.

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    Depending on your project, you may receive separate contracts for construction and design. Though phases will often overlap during a project, the signing of this contract typically signals the end of Pre-Construction and the beginning of Construction.


Baxter Construction has assembled a top-notch team of carpenters and skilled craftsmen. Many of our team has worked together for the past 20 years on different projects before coming to Baxter Construction. We have a close-knit crew of reliable, hardworking sub-contractors and have maintained, throughout the years, a shared commitment to quality and the highest level of service.

Ken Baxter


Ken Baxter has a long history of taking things apart then putting them back together. What started with creating, dismantling then re-building massive Lego structures as a kid quickly moved on to the deconstructing the kitchen toaster and most other household appliances, much to his mom’s dismay until she realized he could fix just about anything.

Ken has been fortunate to have the opportunity to put his LEGO brain to work for most throughout his career.

He has been working in the real estate and construction business since 1998 and has managed over 200 projects, ranging from interior remodels of individual condominium units to a $10 million full renovation of an 8500 square foot single-family house in Presidio Heights.